Chicago NASL Media Tracker

Interviews Interviewee Outlet Publish Date Link
Orrin Schwarz Peter Daily Herald 1/11/2016
Bruce Silverman Peter SoFlo Radio 2/15/2016
Ryan Tolmich Peter Soccer By Ives 2/16/2016
Jamie Newell Jack 2 Sports Guys Radio 2/16/2016
John Kass Peter Chicago Tribune 2/17/2016
Jeff Arnold Peter Chicago Sun-Times 2/18/2016
Theo Gauthier Peter Total NASL TV 2/18/2016
Greg Rakestraw Peter AM 1070 (Indy) 2/20/2016
Guillermo Rivera Peter Fire Confidential Pod 2/21/2016
Theo Gauthier Peter Total NASL TV (POD) 2/24/2016
DJ Switzer Peter Wrong Side of the Pond 2/22/2016
John Daley Peter 105.5 FM Bridgeport 2/23/2016
Simon Provan Peter 2 Up Front Radio 2/24/2016
Andrew Coppens Peter 32 Flags 2/24/2016
Jacek Zielienski Peter Polish Radio 3/8/2016